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Hope your 2011 has been peaceful and well and that 2012 holds many joyful surprises for you. As usual, we've been a little busy, some of which is detailed in this newsletter.

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NextStage: Predictive Intelligence, Persuasion Engineering, Interactive Analytics and Behavioral Metrics
Tools? We got you covered. And analyzed. Also understood and acted upon. Tools, We Got More Tools!: We continue to develop and release tools based on three basic criteria:
  1. We think it'd be neat if we could really make it work. Could be a completely useless tool at present and could be an incredibly useful tool in the future.
  2. A client specifically requested it.
  3. A NextStage Member suggested it.
We still call our online low cost, high value tools NextStage Wonderments. All wonderments are format recognizing and are based on Nextstage's patented and award winning Evolution Technology (ET). ET is the only patent (as far as we know) granted by the USPTO that "allows machines to understand and respond to human thought". Why format-recognizing? Because people respond to DOC files, web pages, emails, straight text, etc., differently even when the same information is contained in each item. ET knows that people will respond differently to a webpage and doc file even when they contain the same content so it reports different responses for each unique format.

Bulk submissions: NextStage Age Persuader, BlueSky Meter, Compatibility Gauge, Gender Persuader, PersonaScope, Political Analyzer, Resume Rater and Sentiment Analysis can now handle bulk submissions (we've tested with up to 18,000 submissions at a whack) via Vox files. Click on the About menu item for any listed tool and you'll find Vox submissions instructions. Knock yourself out.

New tools in The KnowledgeShop are:

Compatibility Gauge

NextStage Compatibility Gauge

Basic Information

Helps you determine how compatible two individuals/groups/etc are (think Brands and fans, Brand persona and Consumer Persona, management and employee, political running mates, friends v lovers, ...) by answering three questions:
  • How well will these two people/groups/etc get along psychologically?
  • How well will these two ... get along emotionally?
  • How well will these two ... get along behaviorally?
Entrepreneur Gauge

NextStage Entrepreneur Gauge

Basic Information

Helps you determine if you -- not your project, not your idea, not your background, not your financial situation, but you yourself -- are fundable by answering seven (7) simple questions that determine:
  • Psychoemotive capabilities
  • Psychobehavioral capabilities
as they pertain to getting funding.
Love Finder

NextStage LoveFinder

Indicates where you're most likely to find compatible people.

NextStage LoveJonesIncludes use of NextStage LoveJones Tool - NSLJ to help you learn how to be a better lover. You can use the NextStage LoveJones for free.

Love Jones

NextStage LoveJones

Basic Information

Indicates what you can do to become a better partner for your life-partner(s).

NextStage LoveJones Tool - NSLJ analyzes psychological, emotional and spiritual factors to make suggestions regarding what behaviors may help you be a better partner to those around you. You can use the NextStage LoveJones for free.

SampleMatch Tool

NextStage SampleMatch Tool

Basic Information

Helps you determine how your marketing/creative material should be designed by answering how people in a given geographic location
  • Think
  • What drives their behaviors
  • What motivates them to act
  Tools either requested or suggested by clients and members and currently only available in the NextStage Members area:
Client Prospector Tool

NextStage Client Prospector Tool

The NextStage Client Prospector creates a psychological, behavioral, motivational profile ({C,B/e,M} matrix) of you based on your visits to all sites running our technology (we're in over 70 countries at present and many of our installations only update us every month so if we don't have you yet, chances are we will) and matches that against the {C,B/e,M} matrix of all businesses in our system.

The result is a match of businesses where You, not your product, offering, service, et cetera, are most likely to succeed. As sales and marketing is all about human-human interaction, knowing where you will be welcomed is a good thing, yes?

Immediate Sentiment Tool

NextStage Immediate Sentiment Tool

NextStage Immediate Sentiment analyzes visitor interaction with sites in "real-time" and determines seven visitor "sentiment" factors:


  • Think it's good
  • Believe it's good
  • Feel it's good
  • Are neutral
  • Think it's bad
  • Believe it's bad
  • Feel it's bad
Job Prospector Tool

NextStage Job Prospector Tool

Similar to Client Prospector except it matches jobseekers to businesses where their attitude, work ethic, beliefs, etc., will be welcomed (DOES NOT GUARANTEE A JOB, still in development).
Predictive Echo Tool

NextStage Predictive Echo Tool

The NextStage Predictive Echo Tool helps you
  • Determine why past web marketing efforts failed
  • Determine how past web marketing efforts failed
  • Develop actionable present and future marketing efforts
The NextStage Predictive Echo Tool was developed in response to conversations NextStage has been having with clients, digital (ne web) analysts, developers, designers and the like. A common request was for a tool which could go through past data - web analytics and server log extracts - in order to determine valid design "next steps".

The outcome of these conversations and research is the NextStage Predictive Echo Tool. The term "Predictive Echo" comes from an individual's ability to send a message and have a good idea of what the response will be. Two people engaged in conversation are actually broadcasting signals back and forth to each other. The more the signals broadcasted are echoed back, the more the two people understand, trust and can work with each other to mutual benefit.

NextStage Predictive Echo Tool is a simple tool that determines several aspects of user behavior and outputs key behavioral drivers for use in:

  • New and redesign efforts
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • Developing media strategies
  • Developing web strategies
  • New product planning
Elements of this tool were described in Mapping Personae to Outcomes and Responding to "Can behavioral targeting operate more seamlessly across media borders?"
Veritas Gauge

NextStage Veritas Gauge

The NextStage Veritas Gauge provides a measure of two website visitor psycho-behavioral elements:
  • Are visitors responding truthfully in forms, content entry, et cetera?
  • Are visitors comfortable with (not threatened by) the information provided on the site?
Online Optimizer

NextStage Online Optimizer

The NextStage Online Optimizer Tool (was "WebSite Optimizer") gives you
  • Clearly actionable design suggestions
  • Based entirely on visitors interaction with your site
  • And does so without collecting any personally identifiable data
The NextStage Online Optimizer is a response to several conversations NextStage has been having with analysts, developers, designers and the like. All conversations revolve around a few points:
  • The standard, currently available analytics are too complicated
  • You always need someone to explain what they mean
  • There's rarely any actionable items and when there are, they take a very global form (Ex: "Find ways to promote (e.g. SEO, Paid Search, Email, etc) the products that turn viewers into applicants." Really? Dang, I wish we'd thought of that! Umm...Mind telling me which one?)
  • Every vendor has different terms for the same thing or they have the same term for different things
Aspects of these conversations appeared in NextStage CRO Joseph Carrabis' blog in the Noisy Data arc.

The outcome of these conversations and research is The NextStage Online Optimizer, a simple tool that indicates the online health of your online along with 1-3 action items for improving your online's ROI. This tool can recommend up to six action items and, based on conversations, only 1-3 will be listed at any point in time. The last recommendation the Optimizer will give is that it's time to upgrade to more advanced reporting.

  New tools are announced on Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and in our RSS feed Subscribe to The NextStage KnowledgeShop's RSS feed. You can also contact NextStage via phone (603 791 4925) or email our R&D group if you're looking for specific tools or capabilities. Note that when any one of our tools learns a new language, all our tools learn that new language. Most recent tool directions can be found on our TriQuatroTriteCale blog.
The NextStage KnowledgeShop is now offering a collection of free presentations from various conferences I've attended.

You'll also find the tools mentioned above, various research papers, trainings (we're still developing our 2012 calendar so watch for updates) and more.

Interesting note on our trainings, we're getting more and more requests for our Know How Someone Is Thinking in 10 Seconds or Less as an individualized intensive by executives. We did ten last year and already have two scheduled for 2012. Let us know if that's of interest to you and we'll schedule you in.

Where I'm blogging and on what: For those who can't wait for our yearly newsletter, you can find me blogging about I'm still in the queue to blog for iMediaConnection. Stuff will show up there from time to time and I'm still not sure what I'll put there. I've asked that the blog be called "Under the Influence".
Think you could get along with us? NextStage Analytics is currently being run out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Focusing on security and marketing for large financials and headed by Catherine McQuaid, NextStage Analytics has caught the attention of BOA, BNY and BMO to date.

What if impostors could be detected before a transaction were started?
  • Patented '08
  • Category: reading virtual minds
  • Privacy-compliant, channel-neutral
Neural-motor authentication can intercept cyber-fraudsters should they make it past other security fences.
Contact Catherine McQuaid/Business Development/416 923 0877
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